Discover the Universe of KRAMIKE

Our Philosophy :

In 2 words: Creativity and Elegance.

In 1 sentence: Share our passion for silver jewelry, natural materials, and transmit the emotion included in the heart of our creations.

INSPIRATION: Explore the new territories by different creative paths, and breaking with the established codes of traditional jewellery.

CREATION : Bring a bold style but always in an accessible elegance approach to offer an easy to wear contemporary jewellery for any situation . Because the jewel is a kinetic Prism that showcases women who wears it.

MANUFACTURING: Humans, the essential Factor, is being honoured through the manual and technical excellence gestures that are the source and strength of materialization that guide the design of our jewelry. Stones are meticulously selected, cut by hand and set to
perfection to maximize their sublime beauty.

MATERIAL: Material is essential, it is the real DNA of the jewel. It plunges immediately into a touchscreen world women symbolizing the terrestrial and aquatic elements. The sterling silver is a source of light that amplifies in a game all in contrasts, the brilliance of the intense colors of the stones we use: amber, onyx, jade, mother-of-Pearl, quartz, labradorite,...

Every step from design to manufacturing was thought to make your piece of jewellery, a unique object.

Pauline and Georges – Founders and Designers of KRAMIKE